Computer Services

Personal Computer (PC) Service

PC Service

Whenever your computer is in trouble, we can be there to rescue it. Viruses. Spyware. Spam. Hardware failure. Lost files. Computer annoyances. Whatever the problem, we'll diagnose it and get you back up and running quickly. Nothing is too small or unimportant to us either! We do routine maintenance such as cleaning out your physical computer case, updating your software to protect against the latest malware threats, freeing up your system resources by disabling unnecessary software. Service is available either by customer drop-off or an on-location service call (extra change).

Web & Logo Design

Do you own a business, but have not yet considered the benefits of creating a web presence for your business? Maybe you already have a website, but you want it to be more appealing to visitors? Do you want your website to have better placement on internet search results? Then you've come to the right place. We can create a quality design tailored to meet your needs and your budget, while removing the burden of dealing with redundant website maintenance so you are free to focus your time on running your business.

Security Consulting

Security Consulting

Your computer may have a firewall or antivirus application installed, but are you sure that it is protecting you? How about your wireless network? Is it secured against intrusion from outsiders, or are you broadcasting your network for you neighbors to see and freely connect to? You may not be secure as you think. In this age of cybercrimes including computer fraud, data theft and stolen identities, can you afford not to protect yourself? We help to identify security risks, vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your computer and network, and then will recommend and provide services that will patch your security holes and shield you from future attacks.


Let's face it: setting up and maintaining home and small business networks can be difficult. You read the instructions over a thousand times, sit on the phone with technical support for eternity, and follow the instructions to the letter. Still, it seems you're no better off than when you started! Eliminate the hassle by turning to us instead. We will visit your home or business and complete the installation professionally. When the work is done, we'll even take the time to explain how your new equipment works... just ask! If you have problems with your existing network, we'll also come troubleshoot and fix your problem.